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Hi everyone! After the big success of the Primal Games 3 in November 2013 (I had a quite a few people asking for me for recipes and to make things for them!), I have decided that I will make things to order for whoever wants me to. 🙂 I will take a limited amount at any one time due to other commitments (i.e. full-time PhD, part-time Open Uni modules, training, hobbies and general life things), and also because I want to make sure everyone’s food is the best it can be and has my full attention; if I take on too much, then it certainly won’t be! 🙂

I do hate being commercial, and making people pay for my things. If I had all the money and resources in the world, I would continue with my research part-time, and spend the rest of the time training, travelling, meeting with friends for coffees and chats, and cooking meals for friends and family, and baking all sorts of things for people. But alas, that is not life! And so if I was to do this, I must charge in order to keep myself afloat!

Not only that, but it’s a great start into a new venture for me! It’s something I’ve always wanted to get into, but at the same time I also love the idea of a research/academic career. Thanks to James Bish at CFP, I now have an opportunity to keep my options open. I’d love to go into coaching some sort of fitness stuff, too, but maybe that’s something to do post-PhD or once I actually get good at fitness-y type things. Although I think it’d be better to choose just a few things and be proficient in them, I just feel as though there is so much the world has to offer and so much that I’m passionate about, it’s so difficult to choose just one!

The profit that would be made from the prices listed below really is rather minimal, and I’m trying to consider electricity, baking items (i.e. aluminium tins for puddings, non-stick baking paper and boxes to package baked goods, more baking ware to accommodate increased baking, etc.) and of course time (i.e. shopping items, altering my schedule and getting up extra early to make these things, and of course actually making it). I think my prices are as honest as I can make them (I have actually shared most of the recipes for the stuff I’m selling on this blog, too!), but please give me feedback regarding what you think of everything and how I can improve. 🙂

*IMPORTANT* Please inform me of any allergies you may have, because sometimes ingredients vary slightly (i.e. if a recipe calls for a tablespoon of oil, I may olive oil in one recipe, and in the next I may use coconut oil, for example), and I can’t guarantee that my kitchen will be free of everything!

Savoury items
Pork, apple & sweet potato meatloaf
Paleo/gluten free pizza
Grainless sandwich bread
Butternut squash, coconut & apple soup

Sweet items
Banana & nut brownies
Coconut brownies
Paleo banana bread
Sweet potato pie

*Seasonal items*
Mini gluten free/paleo Christmas puddings
Paleo mince pies











Pork, apple & sweet potato meatloaf
Description: I really love the flavour combo in this meatloaf (bacon, pork, apples, sweet potato!), and is great for lunchboxes. I love this in between a slice of paleo bread. 🙂
Price: £12.50 per meatloaf (makes about 15 modest slices). Keep in the fridge.

Description: Grain free pizza with a base made almond flour, coconut flour, eggs and coconut milk. Of course, the pizza is smothered in tomato sauce and mature cheddar, with various toppings that range from:

  • spinach and mushroom
  • pineapple and sweetcorn
  • I can’t think of anything else right now!
    Price: £6 per pizza (8 generous slices)
    Info: Toppings negotiable. 🙂 Keep in the fridge.

    Grainless sandwich bread
    Description: Grain free bread! What more can I say? 🙂 Perfect for lunch boxes or quick suppers. The photos show my lunch one day with honey roasted deli ham, pea shoots and a dollop of mustard. It’s also great toasted (and with goat’s butter!). 🙂
    Price: £4.75 per loaf
    Info: This bread is made from almond and coconut flour, eggs, coconut milk, and a dash of oil (olive or coconut). It’s topped with one, or a mixture, of the following: raw hemp seed, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, and whatever I have available at the time. 🙂 Keep in the fridge.

    Butternut squash, coconut & apple soup
    Description: Coming soon!
    Price: Coming soon!
    Info: Coming soon!

    Photos coming soon!

    Banana & nut brownies
    Description: Banana brownies made with sweet potato and bananas with a variety of mixed dried fruits and nuts. Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them; the sweet potato gives a really soft and smooth texture! 🙂
    Price: £6.50 for a tray of 12 little brownies
    £9 for a tray of 25 little brownies
    We were selling these at the Primal Games 3 for £1 a slice!
    Info: I can cut the brownies up for you, or just provide you with the large brownie for you to cut into sizes of your choice. 🙂

    Coconut brownies
    Description: Delicious brownies made from sweet potato and coconut!
    Price: £6.50 for a tray of 12 little brownies
    £9 for a tray of 25 little brownies
    We were selling these at the Primal Games 3 for £1 a slice!
    Info: I can cut the brownies up for you, or just provide you with the large brownie for you to cut into sizes of your choice. 🙂

    Banana bread
    Description: This is one of the most moist and delicious banana bread’s I’ve ever tried. I love this stuff covered in nut butter! I can supply it as a loaf, or a tray for you to slice as you like (loaf = slices, tray = flat so it can be cut into brownie shaped pieces as in the photos below)!
    Price: £6 per loaf (how many slices?)

    Sweet potato pie
    Description: An amazing snack or dessert with a chocolate-y oat crust, and a smooth sweet potato centre. I believe this would even make a great workout snack! I love this with a dollop of ice cream!
    Price: £6 per pie (8 generous slices)
    Info: Oats are in the crust! Keep in the fridge.

    Christmas pudding
    Description: I’ve looked at various traditional and gluten-free Christmas pudding recipes, and from those my own concoction full of brandy, mixed nuts and dried fruits, apples, coconut and general Christmas-ness is born. 🙂 I absolutely love these hot and covered with a mixture of coconut-chocolate ganache and double cream! Clotted cream works well, as does coconut cream. 🙂
    Price: £3.25 each
    😀 You can certainly eat these cold (as I have proper cave woman style in work!), or you can reheat these by steaming wrapping in tin foil and steaming for between 30 minutes and an hour.
    🙂 You could even pop them in the oven, but be sure to wrap them in non-stick baking paper, and then tin foil. The tin foil stops them from going dry, and the baking paper stops the tin foil from sticking (which it will!).
    🙁 Or, you could microwave them. But for every pudding you microwave, a paleo fairy dies. Maybe wrapping the pudding in a wet piece of kitchen roll will help keep them moist whilst microwaving.

    Mince pies
    Description: These are paleo/gluten-free mince pies filled with my own mincemeat filling made from dried fruits, apples, zest of citrus fruits, all soaked overnight in brandy before being mixed with Christmas flavours and other ingredients and being twice-baked. 🙂
    Price: £1 per pie without a top, or £1.25 per pie with a lid
    Info: The crust is made from coconut oil, eggs and almond flour.

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