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The Primal Games 6 | Hasselback and Egg-Stuffed Potatoes

Well, that time of year is coming up again… Christmas! I’ve been eating a lot of stodge recently, mostly in the form of sugar, chocolate, and cheesecake… so I thought I’d share something that isn’t in that form… for now! This is definitely the sort of stuff I love to eat over the winter period; tonnes of vegetables, starch-y goodness, and lashings of gravy, so thought I’d share a recipe for some potatoes (a definite winter staple!). Having these with pork and apple chips definitely makes for a real treat (breakfast!) to dip into the egg. 🙂

This past week has been pretty busy, rather stressful, and a bit naff since my previous blog post, which spoke about Recession Proof Body coming to CrossFit Plymouth. They posted a link to that particular blog post on Facebook, and I had a flurry of people come onto the blog again – how lovely. 🙂

And, to top it off, the Primal Games 6 (held at CFP) was a few weekends ago, and it was SO MUCH FUN! Not only did I equal my snatch PB of 60 kg (I had only done it once before and was pretty surprised that I managed it in a comp this time) but got my first ever bar muscle ups! 🙂 The team I was with were also super fun and encouraging, and it was an amazing day all around… it left me buzzing for the WHOLE WEEK afterwards! It was great that everyone seems genuinely supportive of one another, regardless of what level of fitness or ability, it was just an amazing environment.

I was quite surprised about the bar muscle ups, considering how little I’d ever practiced trying. But I was the only member of my team not doing them, and I think that the sheer desire to want to contribute to some points and help them out was my driving force. Never have I ever been more determined to get over the bar or do something as I was then; usually, when snatching heavy weight or doing movements like muscle ups, I get quite scared at the prospect of injuring myself or the movement going wrong, but during this instance I never thought once about injuring myself, I just thought about getting to the end of the movement. It goes to show how the real desire and intention to do something makes that something happen!

In September, I went to the Particulate Systems Analysis and conference and UKPTF, and whilst in Manchester I stopped off at an amazing box called Train Manchester (the home of Samantha Briggs!). I managed my first real muscle ups there (i.e. starting with straight arms at the bottom)… I reckon it was because Samantha Briggs’ touched the rings, and some of the magic transferred to me! I’m not amazing at muscle ups, but even though deep down I knew I had the ability to do them, I didn’t really believe it… until I did just the one… then I did four more afterwards. When I got home, I then did an OMEM drill, and managed fourteen muscle ups, one every minute for fifteen minutes… I failed one once, but still, that’s a big improvement from zero, to being able to do them overnight!

It’s nice to be busy with so many projects going on, but I cannot believe that I’ve hit the ripe old age of twenty-five; where has the time gone? I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas, where the time will hopefully slow down a bit and I can catch up with some important people. Even though times can be busy, stressful, emotional, etc., personally, I feel stronger mentally and physically than I have in a long time; I used to be scared of getting older, and of course, I still am, as we all are, because the future is never certain or guaranteed, but as I get older I learn more and more, and life keeps getting better and gives me amazing gifts. So although getting older is sometimes seen as a negative (i.e. ageing, more responsibility, less time, etc.), it’s actually something to be proud of, and to simply enjoy (unfortunately, some don’t get the chance to be older). In some ways, I can’t wait. 😀

♪ Hasselback… hasselback POTATO ♫

Egg-stuffed potatoes
Adapted from: Cheese and Chocolate

• pre-baked potatoes
• eggs (as many as you have potatoes)
• butter
• salt and papper
• various other fillings (my favourites being bacon, sausage, spinach, broccoli, roasted garlic, cheese, etc.)

Preheat the oven to 175°C. Find where you potato stands upright, and slice off the top to make a lid. Scoop out enough of your potato to make room for your fillings (you can save the flesh to mash up and have as mash another time).

Add some salt and pepper to the inside of your potato, place some of your fillings in, and crack in your egg. Sprinkled with more salt and pepper, and add some cheese.

Bake for about 25 minutes, although the baking time depends on how you like your eggs, and serve.

Hasselback potatoes
Adapted from: BBC

• white potatoes
• butter
• pepper
• salt
• parmesan cheese (although I like cheddar)
• breadcrumbs

Preheat the oven to 220°C. Wash the potatoes well, and dry. Score the top of the potatoes ¾ of the way through. You can slice through the potato whilst it’s sitting in a large serving spoon to prevent slicing cleanly through the potato. Put a lump of butter on top of each potato and pop in the oven for 5 minutes. Then bast using the melted butter and sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Return to the oven and bake for 45 minutes. When done, remove, sprinkle with the cheese and breadcrumbs, and return to the oven for 15 minutes until the potatoes are soft and the crust is browned a little.

Bacon would also be a nice addition. Even without the cheese and breadcrumbs, these potatoes offer a different texture to a regular baked potato, mashed potatoes, or roast potatoes.

Deep Dish Paleo Berry Pie | An Ode to Pie

Ahh pie. So comforting. There’s nothing like burying your problems, woes, and tackling procrastination by tucking into a large serving of pie with a heavy helping of clotted cream (hmmm, on further introspection, this is not a healthy habit; I should do something about this)…

I can’t believe it’s the end of January already; I’ve never understood the cliché phrase “Where does the time go?” more at any point of my life than I do now. I guess being busy is a good sign, because it means that my glass is full, overflowing if you will.

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, because I don’t believe that you need a new year to make goals. Why is a new year going to be any different to the previous one if you don’t make changes? Once the clock strikes midnight, and it’s no longer December 31st, but January 1st… how has your life changed in such a way that your goals are finally achievable?

What I’m trying to say, is that New Year’s resolutions are goals that you must have been holding dear to your heart and think of often, so why is it that overnight you can suddenly achieve your goals? Heck, you don’t even need a new week to start new goals and decide that you’re going to go for it. You just need a new moment, or the present. And I think that’s what commitment is; deciding that you want to achieve your goals at every new moment, rather just because it’s customary to do so at a particular time.

Anyway, the goals I am working towards, in no particular order (not resolutions, because these are things I’ve been working on for a while, and haven’t made just because it’s a new year!):
1. Start writing thesis;
2. Get better at running, rowing, and endurance-y stuff;
3. Get really strong!
4. Try my hardest to fit in Spanish studies;
5. Eat clean and to not be influenced by bad eating habits and the eating habits of others;
6. Be happy and continue my spiritual growth.

Last week, I had some good news with my PhD! I was in contact with a Japanese researcher, who invited me to study in his lab if I could obtain a JSPS Fellowship. However, Omya will not allow me to go because of patents, secrecy of research, etc. Nevermind! Perhaps this is something for a future endeavour. 🙂 And I also received an email saying that I was “accepted” to present at a conference… in Hawaii! Well, I’ve made the first hurdle! My abstract was accepted, and now I need to hand in a manuscript, and from there, they’ll decide if they really do want me to present. But to be honest, I doubt I’ll be able to get adequate results in such a short space of time, and even if I was, I don’t think I’d obtain the funding to be able to go. This saddens me, however I will try my hardest, and if it doesn’t happen, then it just wasn’t meant to be.

Anyway, I still made time to post this pie recipe this week, and bake a few other things, as well as take photos of them (and post them to Facebook). There’s no point in saying “I’ll wait until I’ve done this to do my hobby” or something similar… you just have to grab it. Which is why I bake and take photos; I love it! It reminds me that life is something to be enjoyed NOW and not to be put off for another time. You have to MAKE time for your achievements, for your work, for your family and hobbies, and you have to sacrifice and prioritise for them all. I personally think that you can have and do it all, but just not at once.

And, onto the pie!

I didn’t really expect much from this pie… I just sort of threw it together. I felt like making something hearty and relatively healthy (compared to other desserts). But now I think it’s going to be a delightful addition to my repertoire of recipes! I mean, sure, it’s a paleo pie, but even if you’re not on the paleo diet, this pie is absolutely fantastic and I really prefer it to conventional pies, as it’s not too sweet. I used cherries and blueberries, but you could easily use other fruits. Favourite combinations of mine are apple and blackberry, forest fruits, and peach and raspberry (my mum makes a delicious peach and raspberry crumble… mmmmmm!).

I made this for one weekend when we were all together at my parents’ and we had this with mum’s rib-eye beef! Was delicious!

The morning that I had baked this pie, my brother and I were working in the living room, and the pie was cooling on the kitchen worktop. I went into the kitchen with the lights off, and the light from the living room was shining through the serving hatch and illuminated the pie in such a picturesque and angelic way that I had to capture it was it was! I’ve never been a fan of using indoor lights, and always try to use natural lighting, but I had a good tripod and the right angle, and I think the pictures below came out beautifully, despite the darkness and small amount of fake light!

I also took photos at my parents’ house, because I absolutely love their rustic kitchen as it’s large and beautiful, and full of light, but I really struggled with the composition. Well, more so the lighting and angles to make it look delectable without making the colours look flat. The typical example would be taking photos of salads: with the right lighting and angles they can look crisp and delicious, but with the wrong lighting (i.e. in a dark restaurant with a flash) it can look limp, boring and lifeless.

I love how the crust of the pie is stained purple, and the colours inside. 🙂 And how it looks so impressive yet is so simple to put together! And, a great gift idea would be mini pies!

The pie is delicious when hot and straight from the oven, with a generous dollop of clotted cream. But then this is also wonderful cold with double cream as well. If you leave it for a day after baking and before eating, the flavours mingle with one another and with the pie case. It’s perfect all year round: hot in the winter, and cold in the summer!

The pie case is also great for savoury pies, because it’s not sweetened with coconut flour, it goes with every taste! I used it to make a savoury beef pie that was absolutely delicious! 🙂

Thursday training:
1km run into a 100m farmer’s walk 16/24kg
800m run into a 100m farmer’s walk 16/24kg
600m run into a 100m farmer’s walk 16/24kg
400m run into a 100m farmer’s walk 16/24kg
1 min pull up rig hang (weighted if possible)
400m run into a 100m farmer’s walk 16/24kg
600m run into a 100m farmer’s walk 16/24kg
800m run into a 100m farmer’s walk 16/24kg
1km run into a 100m farmer’s walk 16/24kg

Deep Dish Paleo Berry Pie
Serves 8-10
Case adapted from: Elana’s Pantry; filling adapted from The Yoghurt Pot

For the pie case:
• 4 cups almond flour
• 4 tbsp coconut oil, melted (approx. 2 heaped tbsp coconut oil if hard)
• 2 x eggs

For the filling:
• 350g cherries, pitted (fresh or thawed from frozen)
• 350g blueberries, (fresh or thawed from frozen)
• 250g mixed dried fruits (soaked overnight in hot water)
• 3 generous tbsp maple syrup/honey
• 2 tsp ground cinnamon
• 1 tsp arrowroot powder (optional)

Drain the dried fruit that has been soaked overnight in water. Mix all of the ingredients for the filling together in a saucepan, bring to the boil, and let simmer for around 10 minutes (if not using arrowroot powder, maybe simmer for 15 minutes to evaporate a little more of the liquids?). Then set aside.

In the meantime, prepare your pie cast. Mix all of the in a large bowl and homogenise well with the back of a spoon. Line a cake tin with baking paper (my cake tin had a removable base, and was 15cm in diameter and 8 cm in height), and press the case mixture all around the cake tin, ensuring that the walls are thick enough to hold the weight of the fruits. (I used about ¾ of the mixture for the base and walls, and the remaining for the top.)

Pour in the berry filling. Then pat the remaining pastry mixture on top of the filling. Make sure to seal as best as you can any gaps between the lid and the walls of the case, without splashing juice anywhere!

Pop the pie into a preheated oven at 200°C for 20 minutes, and then turn the oven down to 160°C for 15 minutes. I then let my pie cool in the oven.

If you wish to present the pie to guests, I recommend to cool the pie entirely before removing it from its tin, so that it holds its shape better.

This is delicious straight from the oven when hot and fresh, but is also beautiful the next day, as the juices inside become a sauce, and the flavours mingle with each other and the pastry case.

Bon appétit! 🙂

Baked and constructed: 24.01.2014 @ the Kung Fu Kitchen! 🙂

Pan-Fried Lamb Chops with Mushrooms, Peas and Sprouts in a Creamy Sauce and Avocado and Pea Salsa | Tim’s Trip to the Pyrenees

Weeelll this week has been really busy! My brother has been away for 12 days in the Pyrenees on a geology field trip, and so I’ve been cooking really simple food… although there’s no reason it still can’t be full of flavour! But of course, the first morning Tim was back, we had pancakes ^_^

Tim really enjoyed his trip and I’m glad he did! Not only did he make some new friends on his course but he got a picture with Professor Iain Stewart, but unfortunately his friend has the photo! Tim also volunteered to help record some information about Geology in a bid to make an educational geological video, and I popped a YouTube video at the bottom of one! I’m really impressed with it and proud of my bro! I think he speaks really well and he did it without a script or any practice! 🙂

Edit (03.10.2013):Tim and Iain 🙂

Anywho, a couple of weeks ago I picked up half a lamb from a guy at Crossfit whose other half’s cousin owns a farm in Ugborough, and so this stuff is supposed to be grass fed, organic, free-range, and all that good stuff. Now thsi lamb is awesome! I have just over 10kg of the stuff: chops, neck, shoulder, legs, etc. All I can say is that my freezer is full!

I think this dish was really simple, but really tasty… although there are a lot of different flavours, they seem to work well together. I really enjoyed the lemon zing in the avocadoes… I made that last night with my parents after we celebrated me passing my transfer! Friday 13th now has a new meaning to me! And the creamy sauce with the lamb is really nice, too; makes a change from gravy! Not only is it really simple but you really don’t need much cream to add a whole new dimension to the dish. The cream mixed with the lamb juices makes such a nice and delicate sauce that goes so well with sprouts, mushrooms, peas, and leeks.

I also couldn’t choose how many photos to take; they all look quite similar, but I just like the colours so much. The photos look a bit too busy for my liking, but what’re you gonna do? ^_^

Saturday’s WODs:
Max reps of (4 rounds):
BW bench press
Strict pull ups
Strict HSPUs
2 x BW deadlifts

Then 20 minutes to achieve:
1RM of 2 x full snatch into 1 x full hang snatch
max. reps muscle ups

The session was so busy this morning and hectic! Boo!

In pairs, 20 minute AMRAP: each do alternating rounds of Cindy while the other does burpees! (Cindy = 5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 squats)

Me and Emily = 236 burpees and 14 rounds of Cindy, rx’d. 🙂

They were both fun but I need to push myself more! Whenever things start to get uncomfortable, I always pull back, and if I continue sometimes I get teary and upset. Why? What is wrong with me?!

Pan-Fried Lamb Chops with Mushrooms, Peas and Sprouts in a Creamy Sauce and Avocado and Pea Salsa
Avocado salsa/salad adapted from: Home Cooking Adventure
Serves 1-2

For the avocado salsa:
• 1 x avocado
• 1 x cup spring onion, chopped
• ¼ cup raw peas
• 2 x garlic cloves, minced
• 3 tbsp lemon juice

For the lamb and cream sauce:
• 2-4 x lamb chops
• 2 x cloves of garlic, minced
• 1 x small onion, diced
• ~200 g button mushrooms, halved
• ~½ cup of peas
• 2 tbsp dried rosemary
• splash of double cream
• sprinkling of pine nuts


For the avocado salsa:
Mash the avocado in a bowl, and fold and mix in the rest of the ingredients.

For the lamb and cream sauce:
Pop the lamb chops in a large non-stick fryign pan on low until you your them start to sizzle and the juices start to run out. Then turn the heat up to medium and add the onions, garlic, mushrooms and rosemary. Continue to dry until the garlic is fragrant, the onion is translucent, and the mushrooms have soaked up the lamb juices. If the lamb is cooked to your liking before the rest of the dish is ready, take the lamb off the plate or push it to the side of the pan. Add the peas about 1 minute before you turn off the heat.

When ready to serve, turn off the heat, put the lamb on the plates and add a splash of double cream to the pan, and mixing in with the juices, mushrooms, onions, etc. Serve over the lamb chops, sprinkle some pine nuts and enjoy with the avocado salsa. 🙂

Enjoyed solo: 11.09.2013

Sweet Potato Pie | Sophie’s Leaving WOD

Blog post: here!

What a brilliant week I’ve had!

What have I done to make the week so brilliant? Well, nothing. Just eaten, Crossfit-ed (yes, it’s a verb now) and studied, but it’s been pretty enjoyable! I guess that’s the sign of a life worth living; just enjoying the simplicity of simple things and appreciating the chances to grow everything in life has to offer.

Photo: Sophie’s leaving WOD 🙁

The Weather is still muggy but not as hot and sunny as the previous week, but I suppose it’s a good reason to study! Maybe the sun will come back next week or the week after 🙂 I’m just glad I’m at home here, enjoying the location, my family and my situation 🙂

The photo above is from Friday evening, where a group of people got together and did a massive group workout as Sophie’s leaving WOD, full of some of her favourite elements, like rope climbs, prowler pushes and chest to bar! The evening was really sunny and the brownies were flowing! It’s such a shame Sophie’s leaving, as I feel as though she made me stronger; without her I would be sticking to easy weights and not pushing myself as much! Hopefully we’ll meet again at some point in life!

The WOD, however, was really fun! It involed 7 stations in the following order:
1. burpees
2. rope climbs
3. chest to bar pull ups
4. handstand push ups
5. prowler push
6. GHD sit ups
7. double unders

There were two teams; one of seven people, the other of eight. Everyone would start doing the burpees. Then after 30 seconds, one member from each team would run 200m and start at the second station. As soon as that person got back from the run, another person from the burpee station would run and join the rope climbers. This would continue until everyone was working on the rope climbs (note that the burpees was the only station where everyone was working all at once; the rest of the stations everyone could only work one at a time).

As soon as everyone had moved onto the next station, the runs would start again in order to move everyone onto the next station. The order of the people could change, so you can choose your strongest person on a particular movement to stay on something they’re good at or move on ahead to their specialist movement. For me, it was the rope climbs!

The score was the total reps combined, and then divided by the number of people in the team. Of course, we added everyone’s burpees up and the team’s total rope climbs, pull ups and other individual movements separately so we could compare the teams. The WOD was really good fun! Great atmosphere, and everyone was always busy! It sounds as though you may not have had much involvement in the WOD because of the large teams, but there was always someone moving, doing something, getting involved, etc. The warmth as well meant that everyone finished sweaty!

Photo: 1. This truly was a great breakfast! Crunchy leaves with fried chorizo, bell pepper, onions and garlic in the chorizo oils with herbs de Provence, tomatoes, feta cheese, pecans, sweetcorn, olives, flaked coconut, ginger, chili, and a fried egg 🙂
2 + 3. Making a breakfast of eggs, adzuki baens, pea shoots and fried onions, garlic, chorizo, apple and tomatoes with herbs de Provence 🙂

This week, I’ve also had salads for breakfast or nothing. I think because I have tea, which has milk in it, makes me not hungry in the morning. But then to be honest, I’m always ready to eat. I’m rarely hungry! I think I could eat one modest portion of food a day and that would last me. However, I don’t. Why don’t I? Because I love food! It’s too good to turn down two other opportunities to eat!

Anyway, the breakfast salad pictured really was amazing. I could have that for dinner or supper or lunch! But sometimes, it’s nice to switch things up, so I also had different breakfasts, too. The other pictures show adzuki beans that Tim and I heated (or, well I did, as I cooked it!) with pea shoots, eggs fried on both sides, and fried chorizo, apple, tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. We also had one with heated “three bean salad” (cannellini, flageolet and adzuki beans) and spinach instead of pea shoots. They offered different tastes but was equally as delicious. And, the chorizo is a very oily meat, and so when you fry it a little, the oils come out and you can use that instead of adding extra oil!

I think it’s important to eat well when studying. People often complain of their lack of energy and sleepiness in the afternoon, but I don’t tend to get that (unless I haven’t had much sleep for a couple of nights!), which is why I think it’s important not to eat things that give you crashes such as refined wheat, sugars and processed foods. This is why I spend time preparing fresh food. And it’s also a nice release from work; it’s a break, it’s art, it’s creative and it’s a hobby. Taking photos is also a hobby of mine, too, because it’s something I’ve seen improve since I started, and I hope to continue to improve. I like combining my passion for cooking and capturing my work. It can be time consuming, but sometimes it’s worth it.

Usually, when I have a period of time when I don’t need to be in the lab (i.e. at home reading books and publications and writing up reports, etc.), I get up early, do a couple of hours revision, make breakfast or prepare dinner, do a few more hours, have lunch/dinner, do a few more hours of work then head off to Crossfit. It breaks up the day nicely as I find it really difficult to sit in the office or just in a chair for several hours straight. Yes, because I can’t sit still for that long; I get restless and I know it’s bad for my body (I get really stiff; it’s as though my body is telling me to move), and I just can’t focus for that long.

The other day I made a sweet potato pie as my break. I made the crust during one longer break, and the filling during another. It’s really cathartic and refreshing to make new things and discover new taste combinations. But sometimes I just have to be aware to not spent too much time on my hobbies and to really get to work! Discipline is required being a student, even though everyone “jokes” about how easy we have it!

Photo: Sweet potato pie with (not homemade) cherry ice cream:)

I am grateful for my life; I don’t know many other people who can walk to work in 10 minutes, and who have control over their own hours. As long as the work gets done, I can work whenever! I’m so grateful for that! It does require a lot of discipline, but I’m sure it will just send my discipline levels to new heights!

Anyway, as I was saying, I made sweet potato pie the other day! I’m really pleased with how this turned out! I’m proud of the photos I managed to luckily snap, but also the taste of the pie is great as well!

Photo: Sweet potato pie with (not homemade) cherry ice cream:)

The pie is with Tesco Cherrylicious Ice Cream, which is absolutely delicious. It’s once of those ice creams that are soft even after you’ve just taken it out of the freezer. And the taste went so well with the pie! Cream is nice, too, but I preferred ice cream.

This pie is so easy to make! I used a silicon cake mould as they’re easy to clean and really prevent the bases of cakes and things from being stuck to the sides of the mould. I think I’ll never not cook with silicon again! The pie can also be eaten hot or cold. When it’s hot, it’s almost like a quiche. We had it hot/warm when I first baked it with salad as a supper. It had a very savoury taste, especially because I omitted the 1 cup of sugar in the recipe whatsoever. I thought that if it really did need sweetening (i.e. when eaten as a dessert), we could use honey.

After it’s been in the fridge for a night it’s delicious as a cold snack or dessert… I thoroughly recommend double cream or ice cream! The flavour of that cherry ice cream combined with the slightly chocolate base and savoury sweet potato is absolutely delicious!

It’s getting late now, so I think I’ll wrap things up here. I wanted to talk about how my mind plays tricks on me with WODS and compare my Cindy performance on Thursday (which I was really pleased with!) to my performance at the advanced WOD today. The OHS were heavy but I had done WODs like that before with those weights. But for some reason I was extremely negative. After the first round, I really could have cried and just stopped, but I could let my partner Maz down! We scaled the WOD and took 5kg off, but it still didn’t make me any less nervous. It was the last round that I did better than I had all WOD (even though I should have been more tired), because the guys who had finished were telling me not to cry and to just carry on. Without them I probably would have done about 10 of the 30 OHS and Maz would have soldiered on with the rest!

I’ll have to post a link to the Cindy blog post later! 🙂
[Edit: here‘s the blog post!]

Saturday’s WODs

Advanced WOD:
“Naughty Nancy”
In pairs, complete 5 x rounds for time of:
750m run
30 OHS 65/45 kg

Group WOD:
In groups of 4, one person working at each station.
4 x 6 minute rounds of (with 3 minutes rest in between):
200m run (as soon as the team member gets back from the run, all members rotate stations)
Kettle bell swings 20/16 kg
Burpee box jumps 20″
Strict pull ups

Score = total reps (not including the 200m runs).

Sweet Potato Pie
Crust adapted from: Healthful Pursuit, and filling adapted from All Recipes
Serves 8

For the chocolate crust:
• ¼ cup flax seed
• ¾ rolled oats
• ½ cup mixed dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, blueberries, etc.)
• ¼ good quality, 100% cocoa powder
• 1 tsp vanilla essence

For the filling:
• 1 large sweet potato (450 g)
• ¼ cup softened unsalted butter (~85 g) (optional)
• ½ cup (coconut) milk (175 ml)
• 2 x eggs
• 1 tsp ground nutmeg
• 1 tsp ground cinnamon
• 1 tsp vanilla essence

For the crust:
Soak the dried fruit in ½ cup water for 40 minutes. An alternative would be ½ cup of orange juice. Put the oats in a blender and blend so it’s almost like a fine flour. Blend the dried fruit until they’re a paste.

Add all of the ingredients together and mix until homogenised, then press into a 20 cm diameter silicon cake mould so that it forms a pie case.

For the filling:
Put the sweet potato in the oven at 175°C for about 45 minutes; until it a knife inserts easily into the middle of the potato. When it’s done, take it out of the oven, break it apart and leave it to cool.

Scoop out the inside of the sweet potato, pop it in a mixing bowl and mash it with a fork. The add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. You can choose to blend it for a smoother middle, but it’s not necessary. 🙂

Add the filling into the pie crust, decorate with pecan nuts, a handful of flaked toasted coconut and a sprinkling of cinnamon, then pop into the oven and bake at 175°C for 55 minutes.

Eat hot with salad for a lovely supper; this way it’s almost like a quiche!

Or eat cold (i.e. from the fridge) with double cream or ice cream for a delicious dessert! Add honey if you desire.

Baked: 27.07.2013, just before Sophie’s leaving WOD!